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Pressure Washing the San Diego Area
Bringing the Shine to Your Property

Are you looking for pressure washing in San Diego that can clean every part of your home or business? Then you need Northman Exteriors Pressure Washing. We're cleaning and restoration specialists who get dirty surfaces spotless and keep clean ones looking great. We've got the tools and know-how for cleaning stucco, asphalt, metal, and more. No matter how tough or how gentle your outdoor cleaning needs, we're the ones to call.

Sometimes, keeping a home or business clean feels like a full-time job. Pressure washing is a great way to quickly clean a large area, including delicate surfaces like windows and shingles.

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The Importance of
Solar Panel Cleaning

One of our most popular services is solar panel cleaning. Dirt and grime lessen the amount of sunlight that reaches solar cells. We'll gently wash the panels clean, so you can maximize your home's energy savings while helping the environment. Plus, it looks great!

Want to know the key to a beautiful home? Selecting the best contractor for the job. Northman Exteriors Pressure Washing is the #1 choice for pressure washing.

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Northman Exteriors Pressure Washing

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Latest Projects

Expert Pressure Washing in Jamul, CA.

Expert Pressure Washing in Jamul, CA.

Recently, we encountered a significant paint spill on a client's driveway. With precision and care, our team at Northman Exteriors Pressure Washing used a professional-grade power washer to address the issue. By methodically adjusting the pressure and temperature of the water, we successfully removed the paint, […]

Expert HOA Rain Gutter Cleaning Service in Mira Mesa, CA!

Expert HOA Rain Gutter Cleaning Service in Mira Mesa, CA!

Living in beautiful Mira Mesa means enjoying the sunny weather, but it also comes with the need to maintain our homes. One crucial yet often overlooked aspect is gutter maintenance. Mira Mesa is home to thousands of big leafy trees which can cause gutters to quickly […]

Outstanding Pressure Washing Services in Black Mountain Ranch, CA.

Outstanding Pressure Washing Services in Black Mountain Ranch, CA.

Residential pressure washing of luxury homes can often require a skilled professional. There are many liabilities to consider when using a high-pressure machine around sensitive surfaces. For example, using any form of water pressure around glass or wood can often cause irreversible damage. Also, using cleaning solution […]

The Best Pressure Washing in La Mesa, CA

The Best Pressure Washing in La Mesa, CA

The recent flooding in La Mesa, CA has left a trail of damage in its wake, impacting homes, businesses, and public spaces. In the aftermath of this natural disaster, our team at Northman Exteriors Pressure Washing stepped in to assist in the restoration efforts. With our specialized […]

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