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How to Seal Paver Stones

How to seal paver stones

Pavers are a great option for walkway and patio construction. Sturdy, attractive, and versatile, they can also be low maintenance, provided they're sealed properly. Sealing them helps prevent grease, dirt, ants, and other undesirables from damaging the hardscape. Keep reading to learn how to seal your San Diego paver stones.

Step One: Check The Weather

To do the job properly, you'll want a dry, sunny day between 60 and 80 degrees. Fortunately, those are plentiful in San Diego, but be sure to check your local conditions if you're reading this elsewhere.

Step Two: Clean The Surface

Using a pressure washer, thoroughly clean the surface. Pressure washing is a great way to remove old stains or give a touch-up to brand new cleaners waiting to be sealed. Be sure to use the manufacturer's instructions for pressure setting, nozzle setting, and spraying technique, and apply the cleaner according to its instructions. If there's an old layer of sealant on the pavers, you'll have to remove it first. This requires working with caustic chemicals, so in this case, call a professional service like Northman Exteriors Pressure Washing to seal your paver stones.

Step Three: Dry And Resand

After rinsing, let the surface dry completely. Next, you'll want to resand the hardscape. Using a designated push broom, brush the kiln-dried sand (or other approved paving sand) over the surface. The goal is to fill in the gaps in between the stones, so you may have to go over certain areas a few times. Resanding stabilizes the stones and helps keep out moisture, so it's an important step. Afterward, use a leaf blower on a low setting to carefully blow excess sand off the surface.

Step Four: Apply Sealant

Using a gallon sprayer, apply an even layer to every inch of the hardscape. Avoid getting sealant on surfaces that border the pavers. If this happens, carefully rinse it off to avoid shiny spots later. When spraying the sealant, keep in mind that you don't need to use too much. One application should be enough for it to properly seep into the pores of the concrete.

Step Five: Let The Sealant Dry

Give the sealant at least 24 hours to dry. Do not step on the surface during this time. You could lodge small stones into the sealant. After it's dry, it's time to enjoy your newly sealed pavers! They'll last up to five years, depending on traffic and weather.

Call Northman Exteriors Pressure Washing for paver sealing and pressure washing services.

If cleaning and sealing your San Diego pavers sounds appealing, but you'd rather leave the work to professionals, call Northman Exteriors Pressure Washing today. We'll get your paver walkways, driveways, and patios ready to roll. We also offer other services, like window cleaning. Your panes and exterior frames will dazzle like never before when we use our soft washing on them. Keep dust, pollen, and mildew off your window surfaces with monthly or bi-monthly cleanings, or just bring us in for a restoration clean when things get too grimy.

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