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How To Soft Wash A Roof

How to soft wash a roof

Is it time to clean your roof? If you see stains or organic growth, then yes, it is. If it looks decent but hasn't been washed in a couple of years, you should still clean it. There might be nooks and crannies where grime is accumulating. Asphalt shingles, clay tiles, slate shingles, and more should all be cleaned via soft wash. Soft wash is a form of pressure washing that's gentle and thorough. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to soft wash a roof.

1. Prepare the rest of the property

The first step is preparation. Walk around your building and water the plants underneath the roof's edge. This will dilute any solution that falls down during the cleaning process. A general rule of thumb is that plants with thin leaves should get extra water during this step. Also, if any of the plants are in potters, go ahead and move them.

2. Set your ladder

Be careful of overhead lines while you're moving your ladder. Set it on a flat surface. If it's an extension ladder, be sure not to lean it directly on the gutter. When it's time to apply the cleaner to the roof, you should work from the ladder if you can. If you do have to walk on the roof, be sure to use the proper safety gear.

3. Apply the cleaner

There are several kinds of cleaners, so choose the one right for your roof. For instance, steep roofs need a cleaner that sticks well and doesn't run down quickly. Next, fill the reservoir for the pressure washer pump and select a fan-spraying nozzle. You want a fan spray because it uses less cleaner while covering more area. Since you only need a thin layer, this works perfectly.

Starting from the top of the roof, spray in overlapping arcs until you've covered the whole surface. Resist the temptation to apply more spray to areas with heavier stains. Let the cleaner do its work. Check it again after 40 minutes, and if it's still dirty, you can apply another thin layer of cleaner.

After this, you can leave it for the next rain to wash away. Or you can wait 24 hours and rinse the roof with water. You might notice white clumps being washed away - this is from the cleaner killing mold.

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